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Imitation wood porcelain tile stairs. When it comes to trends in design and architecture, imitation wood porcelain tile is one of the options most highly in demand.

Its adaptability to different atmospheres and capacity to blend modernity with country charm make it the preferred choice among architects, interior experts and individuals.

Gres Arag贸n offers you an attractive, resistant solution to give any space a warm and natural look by evoking the authenticity of wood.

Technical characteristics of imitation wood porcelain tile stairs

The secret behinds these imitation wood stairs lies in the manufacturing process.

Combining the strength of porcelain tile with wood inspired designs leads to long-lasting stairs that are resistant to time and moisture.

The sustainable characteristics and diverse formats available make them the perfect choice for any project.

What鈥檚 more, these stairs do not lose color with exposure to the sun, which guarantees an impeccable look throughout the years even outdoors. Thanks to the extrusion production method, millimetric precision is achieved with each piece for uniform installation.

On the other hand, the hygienic and anti-bacterial surface is ideal for water and sensitive areas for even more health and wellbeing.

Finally, the easy cleaning and maintenance means these imitation wood stairs are quite practical for daily life.

Ordesa Beige collection

Advantages of imitation wood ceramic for stairs

Choosing imitation wood porcelain tile for stairs brings a series of advantages with respect to other materials and natural wood:
A sophisticated look: it creates charming atmospheres with the imitation veins and tones of authentic wood.
Low maintenance: forget about all those periodic treatments. The look of these imitation wood stairs remains intact with minimal care.
Resistance: unlike natural wood, they are perfectly resistant to moisture which prevents bending and deterioration.
鈥 Sustainability: made with an ecological approach, they鈥檙e an environmentally-friendly option.
鈥 Safety: the non-slip finishes prevent slips and falls so people stay safe.
Design versatility: with the diversity in collections, designs and finishes available, they can be customized for any style you want, whether that may be a country, modern or traditional look.

Ordesa Natural collection

Imitation wood tile stair design

The Gres Arag贸n ORDESA and RODENO collections are examples that materialize how imitation wood ceramic can transform any space.

La The ORDESA collection is the personification of natural elegance. Inspired by different types of wood like beech, oak and walnut, ORDESA provides a balance between the warmth of wood and the durability of tile.

Its special pieces for stairs special pieces for staircases and exteriors, along with the Beige, Natural and Brown tones, create an aura of serenity and naturalness.

On the other hand, the RODENO collection takes you right to the most luscious and captivating forests.

Whether smooth for interiors or non-slip for exteriors, the finishes and classical wood tones such as oak, walnut and beech make RODENO the perfect collection for those looking for a country yet contemporary touch.

Rodeno Roble collection

Imitation wood step treads

Step treads are the essential element shaping each step, and you can find an unbeatable variety at Gres Arag贸n. From rounded to straight finishes and in different lengths ranging from 30 cm to 180 cm, they offer solutions for all kinds of projects.

With the ORDESA and RODENO collections, the versatility and adaptability of imitation wood porcelain tile stairs are essential. Besides the rather common 120 cm rounded step tread with a smooth finish, there are a number of options to meet various requirements.

From a 150 non-slip straight step tread, which is ideal for heavy-traffic or outdoor areas where resistance to slippage is vital, to 60 non-slip straight step treads, designed for smaller areas or shorter imitation wood stairs.

These collections also offer 120 straight step treads in smooth and non-slip finishes to provide a solution for every single atmosphere, whether inside or outside.

These alternatives in addition to the authentic imitation wood design not only guarantee an impeccable look but also safety and durability with each step.

The variety allows architects and designers a range of possibilities when working on home and commercial projects so they may adapt to modern, country and even industrial styles.

Imitation wood porcelain tile stairs offer a contemporary solution combining esthetics, resistance and versatility. At Gres Arag贸n, we invite you to discover these collections and let nature inspire your spaces with absolute trust that you鈥檙e getting a material which will withstand the passing of time.