Imitation cement flooring

Imitation cement flooring is one of the major trends in the world of architecture and interior design. Its offers extensive spatial design possibilities with the ability to give any area where it’s applied an elegant, industrial look inside or outside.

With a minimalist design, any version of porcelain cement adds a sober look. Always in natural tones that imitate cement, the Gres de Aragón collections faithfully reproduce the original material as a much more resistant and long-lasting alternative in addition to being sustainable and environmentally-friendly. On the other hand, there are numerous esthetic possibilities offered by imitation cement flooring as there is a large variety of formats and tones that can adapt to any project or style.

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Characteristics of imitation cement flooring

Gres Aragón imitation cement ceramic flooring has a subtle finish that emulates cement materials. This is possible because of the meticulous digital printing used which means the company can offer porcelain cement collections that create atmospheres and rooms of impeccable elegance. Plus, their durability, resistance, low porosity and easy cleaning make this flooring the right choice for not only interiors but also exterior atmospheres such as gardens, terraces, porches and pools. The different designs are reflected in pieces like step treads, corners, stringers and skirting boards, all conceived to plan integrated designs that connect the inside to the outside.

Imitation cement flooring provides a different kind of touch based on simplicity with a perfect finish in the materials, making it a huge favorite in interior design projects.

Porcelain cement and interior design applications

Porcelain cement has the necessary characteristics to be used on floors or walls. Any room of a house can be the right canvas to install this material: kitchen flooring, bathroom wall tiling or to cover an entire living room. The timelessness and simplicity of the material will stand out anywhere in a home.

One of the most powerful trends is applying it to create industrial-style kitchens with a whole lot of personality or in bathrooms as a contrast material leaving no one indifferent. This porcelain which imitates cement is also the perfect ally when combining materials and maximizing the elegance of a room as it can be perfectly combined with wood furniture.

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The multi-format collections offered by Gres Aragón make it possible to install different finishes indoors (smooth finish) or outdoors (non-slip finish). It’s also possible to make modular combinations for a minimalist design without giving up on creativity.

There is no limit to the versatility of imitation cement flooring. At Gres Aragón, we have all types of special pieces (risers, step treads, skirting boards, corners, stringers...) including a 120 cm step tread as well as all the necessary pieces for an integrated pool. From the inside of the basin to the edging as well as the staircase and coping and even into the interior of the home, unique visual continuity can be created with the outside.

The possibilities offered by the different colors available in the porcelain cement collections can create different water tones when installed inside a pool. Just imagine a modern, minimalist and elegant exterior with all the possibilities of imitation cement flooring. It’s a safe and easy-to-clean choice and the perfect candidate for creating exterior atmospheres that connect to the inside.

Thanks to our Klinkjet® technology, all special parts have the same detailed finish as the corresponding base tiles. Thus, Gres de Aragón imitation cement flooring collections can be installed anywhere as they all have the necessary special pieces to safely meet the requirements of any type of flooring (interior or exterior), stairs, terraces, pools, walls or entrance hall with a high level of quality and a great finish.

Gres Aragón offers a wide range of technical and esthetic possibilities so all the materials can be used for creativity and design. Make your project unique with extraordinary quality.

Imitation cement flooring prices.

Get top quality with meticulous finishes and modern, innovative designs with any of our porcelain cement collections.

If you’d like more information on all the models available and their technical features as well as their versatility of use and installation, please contact us. Our technical team will be happy to answer all your questions, advise you on your next project and price the imitation cement flooring you need.

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