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As the good weather sets in this time of year, the outdoor areas of our homes will be put to use so it’s time to get them ready to be enjoyed. Get all the keys for a charming terrace, whether small or large, in addition to the proper technical features to be able to take advantage of your time in this space all year round.

wood-inspired charming terraces
A wood inspired terrace with the Ordesa collection

Charming terraces: decorating keys

Having gone through the pandemic, people are renovating and reforming their outdoor areas instead of the interiors at home more and more. Before getting a start on decorating your terraces to make them charming, it’s important to keep in mind these 3 things:

1) Decide how you want to use it and the purpose for that outdoor space. In other words, you need to figure out if you want a chill out area, a dining area, a relaxation area, a place to sunbathe or read or whatever.

2) Plus, it’s important to get the exact measurements for the terrace and figure out if the orientation is southern with lots of sun or northern with more shade.

3) Once you know the pros and cons of your terrace or balcony, you can decide upon the materials you want. You should choose outdoor flooring with non-slip properties since safety in those transit areas is essential and will prevent many falls and other accidents.

Natural charming terraces
Terrace with the Naturales Classic collection in a Mali color

Decorating charming terraces with porcelain tile

Ceramic is considered to be one of the safest and most timeless construction choices to pave and decorate charming terraces, especially due to its versatility, resistance and durability.

1- RESISTANCE: Porcelain tile flooring has extra resistance in comparison to other materials when it comes to temperature changes, chemicals, impacts and wear over time.

2- EASY MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING: Ceramic flooring is highly impermeable with low porosity meaning it absorbs very low levels of moisture and stains for easier cleaning than with other types of flooring. And all of this leads to less maintenance than with other terrace flooring materials for charming terraces.

3- DESIGN: With digital printing, porcelain tile can be decorated with an endless number of textures inspired by wood, marble, stone and cement which gives rise to charming modern terraces.

charming terraces Petra
Terrace with the Petra collection in a Gris color

Small charming terraces

When a terrace is charmingly decorated and installed with the right lovely materials, the size doesn’t matter. A well-decorated small terrace can become a special place in the home inviting people to disconnect, enjoy and rest. That’s the case of many balconies, small charming terraces and loft terraces in Spain. The key always lies in getting the most out of all the space available to make it cozy.

4 keys to creating small charming terraces:

  • Choose cozy, long-lasting non-slip flooring such as ceramic tile which offers optimal results for charming terraces and balconies.
  • Set up outdoor furniture that can withstand the passing of time, sun and rain. Sometimes a small table and a couple of chairs is enough to enjoy the outdoors with a nice breakfast or appetizer. When there’s very little space, a mini table can be anchored to the wall and only pulled down when needed. As for chairs, they should be folding or occupy very little space when the terrace is small. If there’s no roof on your terrace, you can always buy covers to protect your furniture from the weather. If you have a bit more space, a deck chair is always nice to have. Decorate the furniture on your terrace with textiles to add warmth and offer a homey feeling. Add blankets, cushions and even outdoor rugs, for example.
  • Decorate a small terrace with plants to provide the space with freshness and warmth. It’ll be a brighter and cozier place. If you choose natural plants and flowers, you must take the terrace orientation into account given their sun exposure and water needs. You can get even more freshness and better maintenance out of decorating a small terrace with artificial plants as you’ll barely have to do a thing. If you choose artificial plants, you can add some organic elements for more authenticity and naturalness such as little stones or some sand in a pot.
  • Decorate a small terrace with cozy lights to enjoy the space even more. You can do this with candles (natural or artificial) or LED lights which can be low-cost when using a string of lights. Plus, various light sources instead of one lamp in the middle of a small terrace or balcony will make the atmosphere more intimate.
terraza ordesa beige scaled - 3 CLAVES PARA CREAR TERRAZAS CON ENCANTO
A small charming terrace with the Ordesa Beige collection

Charming closed terraces

Charming terraces and closed porches are areas of the house which are heavily used on warm and cold days. Many people decide to close off their terrace or balcony to be able to use it year round and have more privacy and security.

Besides the 4 key elements mentioned in the paragraph above for decorating small charming terraces (choosing good, appropriate flooring, selecting outdoor furniture, decorating the terrace with plants and lighting up the terrace with cozy light sources), another great idea that will make your closed terrace a unique place would be choosing the right textures and colors for the flooring. When you have a closed terrace, one of the goals is making the space look bigger meaning choosing light tones is key.

White tones add lots of freshness and spaciousness which makes them ideal in hotter areas. And if you choose porcelain tile flooring, the ceramic will add even more of that feeling. Options such as the following collections Urban Blanco, Cronos Blanco, Cotto Blanco or Marble Carrara by Gres Aragón are some of the most in-demand for these types of spaces.

If you want to create a charming terrace that unifies the interior and exterior of your home by making it an extension of the indoor area in order to use it as an office, for leisure or simply for the purposes of continuity, ceramic flooring offers the ideal characteristics for doing so due to the easy maintenance and cleaning given the low porosity and impermeability not to mention the endless esthetic possibilities offered by digital printing.

Charming closed terraces
Charming closed terraces Ordesa collection Beige color

Charming loft terraces

Loft terraces are usually large spaces meaning the choice of flooring is key to achieving a charming and stylish terraces.

One of the most ideal types of flooring for charming terraces is porcelain tile which offers resistance, low maintenance, hygiene and safety. With digital printing, porcelain tile can feature all sorts of textures which can look very similar to other types of floors such as wood and cement yet with the benefits of ceramic.

You can choose from:

  • Wood-inspired ceramic. The Scandinavian style is in fashion and it will always make a loft terrace cozy. The Ordesa or Rodeno collections by Gres Aragón are perfect given the 5 different wood tones from the lightest beech to the darkest oaks.
  • Marble-inspired ceramic. The freshness of marble is great for charming terraces that get a lot of sun or subject to hot climates; however, the effect is quite versatile depending on the tone chosen. For example, the Marble Carrara collection is quite similar to more classic marble while Marble Travertino provides a warmer beige color.
  • Stone-inspired ceramic. Imitation stone tile can rather accurately recreate the tones and veins in natural stone for a terrace that perfectly combines functionality and style. The Cronos, Petra or Tibet collections by Gres Aragón perfectly reproduce those stone textures to create an extremely charming loft terrace.
  • Cement-inspired ceramic. Inspiration from cement is one of the major trends in architecture projects since it offers a more industrial and modern atmosphere. The Capri and Urban collections combine the ideal characteristics to create a charming terrace.

charming terraces Cronos
Charming loft terrace


fnd espacio gris der mascara - 3 CLAVES PARA CREAR TERRAZAS CON ENCANTO

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